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The Saskatoon Industry-Education Council (SIEC) is excited to be partnering with the University of Saskatchewan Computer Science Division to offer students an opportunity to experience the world of game development! Learn how to create your own computer game using programming and design skills.  Explore logic, mechanics and visuals that all go into creating a computer game from scratch. 

During the eight-week virtual bootcamp, you will learn the skills you need to get started with game development; students will have the opportunity to design and build their own customized computer game project.

This bootcamp is designed for all skill levels.  If you have never programmed before, or are looking to expand on a base knowledge of game design, then this bootcamp is for you.



Application Deadline

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Bootcamp Dates

October 26 – December 21


Application, Teacher Recommendation and Parent Consent form are needed to complete application.

Application Process

Fillable Forms

When using the fillable PDF’s DO NOT fill the PDF when it is open in an internet browser; the info you enter will not save properly!

Here are the instructions to follow to ensure all files save correctly:

  1. Open the PDF
  2. Click download PDF
  3. Save the PDF on your computer and name it accordingly
  4. FirstNameLastName Bootcamp application
  5. Open the file you have downloaded
  6. Complete the application
  7. Save the application and submit it via email