November 2021

Manufacturing & Mining


Engineering Career Panel

Engineering careers in Saskatchewan were highlighted in this live SIEC event. Students were introduced to five professional engineers from Nutrien and Hatch, and they learned about the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Engineering.

Melanie Stare (Chief Mine Engineer, Nutrien): 4:45

Kaitlyn Dilsner (University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering): 27:45

Hatch Engineers (Justin Lewis, Brittany Chubey, Graeme Whitecross, and Craig Lytle): 44:45

Feedback: 1:12:30

Virtual Scavanger Hunt

  • Race through local manufacturing facilities (virtually) to learn about the inner workings of manufacturing facilities that develop products for all over the world.  You will also have a chance to win great prizes.
  • To participate, click here.  
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Post-Secondary Series

  • Not sure what program is right for you? interested to know what student life is like? Hear from current program heads from Saskpolytech’s School of Mining, Energy & Manufacturing regarding their programs, career paths and what life in their program is all about. This includes Welding, Machining and Engineering Technology. Click here to access video.

Program Videos

Doppl Inc. facility tour

  • Join us as we tour a local manufacturing facility to get an inside look at manufacturing in Saskatchewan
  • Learn about manufacturing in Saskatoon and hear about different careers. Click here to access video.

Doppl Inc. Viewing Guide – answer questions as you follow along with the video.

“Who is Doppl Inc.? They are a Canadian IoT solutions provider that designs and manufactures smart sensor technology for industrial applications. With a focus on quality and reliability, Doppl is committed to building new and innovative products that increase operational efficiency, accountability, and safety.”

Manufacturing Activities

  • Not sure what it is like to work in the manufacturing world?  Request to borrow a 3D Printer or Virtual Welder so your class may experience hands-on manufacturing jobs.
  • Equipment is limited.
  • It is the responsibility of the teacher/school to pick up and return equipment.


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