Passionate Consistency

March 15, 2021

Thank-you to a Grade 10 student from Bedford Road Collegiate for her contribution to SIEC Speaks wth this blog.

How many times have you felt burdened by the extensive expectations of family, friends, peers, outsiders or society? Do you feel trapped to choose only reputable or money-making career paths? Indeed, I can certainly feel your struggle. My actions and decisions are formed by the boundaries set by my beloved parents, whose mentality is shaped by our societal and cultural backgrounds. 

One day, probably after feeling ridiculed and ashamed by my reactions, they strongly insisted I choose a medical field profession. After considering their point of view, I started to develop a strong interest in a particular branch of health care, dentistry. Thus, I chose this profession as my prime focus and aim. Then, last year, while in grade 9, I finally had the opportunity to research and explore to analyze and better understand various careers and career pathways. My exploration allowed me to discover various careers’ suitability with my learning styles and other aspects of self such as interests, personality, motivations, etc. The website MyBlueprint was the biggest gamechanger in my career exploration journey, followed by SIEC programs that provide countless opportunities for youth. The SIEC made me feel successful and accomplished about my current career exploration journey and helped me develop the confidence to overcome upcoming difficult life stages 

I realized the importance of exploring career paths before finalizing one because life is short, and I want to make wise decisions that will hopefully benefit my passion, stability, and wellbeing in the long term. I have also come to accept that I am only in grade 10. By the time I must decide, I will encounter many more available opportunities to explore and learn about occupations, careers, professions, and work in detail. My unfulfilled quest is long, and destiny is yet to be reached 

Grit is passion or perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in and day out–not just for a day, not just for a month, but for years–to make that future a reality-Angela Lee Duckworth 

I am dedicating a warm-hearted thank you to my beloved parents, MyBlueprint, and the SIEC. 

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