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Program Summary

employABILITY: skills for your future provides students with the skills they need to stand out to potential employers through employment skill sessions including resumé writing, interview skills, soft skills, and networking. Teachers and parents will find helpful lesson ideas and resources to use with students studying secondary Practical and Applied Arts courses, ELA 20, and Grade 6-9 Career Education.

employABILITY program provides:

  • Assistance with building a resume, whether starting from scratch or refining what is already created
  • Tips on how to stand out to potential employers
  • Job interview skills through online resources or mock interviews
  • Understanding the importance of soft skills

Additonal Info


Grade 6-12 students


Aaron Adair
[email protected]


Resume and Cover Letter

Resume Resources
To submit a current resume/cover letter for review, please click here.

Interview Skills

Interview Resources
To submit a request for an online mock interview, please click here.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills Resources


Networking Resources

Career Education – Middle Years

Career Education Resources

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA)

Level II – Challenge II – Interview a Journeyperson 

To connect with a journeyperson, please fill out the request form below.

If you are unsure what trade you would like to interview, please click here to view a trade list.



For additional information and resources regarding SYA please visit the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship website below.

For a video presentation explaining SYA, please click here.