SASKATOON INDUSTRY EDUCATION COUNCIL Projects, Resources, & Activities to improve financial skills in Saskatchewan

February 8, 2021

At the SIEC, we believe that students enhance their transition to a successful career journey when they leave high school as financially literate and financially capable individuals. Students should not only understand financial concepts, but they should be able to manage their own money and know where to turn when they need some support in a tough time or when they need advice. 

Now that the provincial financial literacy curriculum is being implemented in schools across the province, Saskatchewan’s students have the potential to be the most financially capable generations that our province has ever seen.  

In order to support and enhance this progress, the SIEC started SaskMoney—a one-stopshop for educators who want to integrate financial literacy into their instruction. All of the activities and resources were created and curated by teachers from across Saskatchewan and are directly connected to outcomes in our province’s new curriculum.  

On, teachers, parents, and community leaders will also find two engaging project options for students who want to investigate a financial concept that is of interest to them: 

  • Money Fairs are traditionally facilitated like a traditional science fair, but students this year have the option to complete a virtual project AND be eligible to compete for a prize worth up to $2000! Teachers, parents, and leaders in the community working with youth can access resources on our site and follow links to the Talk With Our Kids About Money page to register. The deadline for the national competition is April 1st 
  • A new and exciting project option for secondary students is My Money My Future (MMMF). This project is hosted in partnership between CIBC and CFEE. High school students are asked to create a digital project that can be used to educate their peers about a relevant financial literacy topic. Their work could take the form of an animation, a commercial, a Tik Tok video—the possibilities are many! Creative student projects from across Saskatchewan have been coming in, and they look fantastic! Check out resources and information on our site, and follow links to the MMMF page to register! 

Whether you are seeking information on one of these inquiry-based projects, unit planning, or simply a financial education resource, please contact us for support! We can even arrange virtual professional development sessions with large or small groups of educators. 

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