SIEC Highlights from Aaron

June 23, 2021

As the 2020-2021 school year wraps up for the SIEC team, our team would like to share some of our standout moments from this year’s career discovery events.  

 Today, Aaron shares his highlights… 

A highlight every year when working with the SIEC team is when we get to learn from the community members who volunteer to help students discover career paths. This year’s experts were so passionate about helping young people that it was hard to nail down just one highlight, so here are three standout moments for me: 

Tech Sector Panel:

Our team always learns so much when working with tech leaders in our community. I have gained a lot of miles (or kilometers since were approaching Canada Day) from Dr. Aaron Genest encouraging students to include any tech experience that they have on their resumes—no matter how insignificant they think the skills may be. 

This year’s highlight from this panel was when the experts discussed how every company is a technology company these days since technology is integrated into every business in some way. That’s why it is ultra important for students to include their skills and experience with tech when applying for jobs! 

Engineering Panel: 

Not only was it great to learn from the professionals from Hatch Ltd. but hearing from Melanie Stare about her career journey was an excellent lesson for students. We always tell students that nobody’s career path is a straight line, and Melanie’s story (SPOILER ALERT: it’s a positive one) is a great example of this. 

Mind Your Money:

Gary. Ohhhhh Gary. You stared into our souls and uncovered all of our unhealthy spending habits. Working on the SaskMoney program has taught me a lot about finances, and the Credit Counselling Society staff never fails to teach something new. (I’m now definitely glad that pink isn’t my favourite colour.) 

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