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June 24, 2021

As the 2020-2021 school year wraps up for the SIEC team, our team would like to share some of our standout moments from this year’s career discovery events.  

 Today, Megan shares her highlight… 

The highlight of the year… how do you even choose? This year was a weird one, but to see how it all worked out makes me immensely proud of our team, the students, and the partners we work with.  

When all our programming was moved to virtual formats, we had no idea how we would take the Skills Bootcamp program, which focuses on hands-on skill development and still make it engaging and valuable for the students. Boy, were we dramatic and worried for nothing. Our instructors, who are already amazing, created online content for the students that still provided the skill development we strive for. Yes, it may have been through a screen and the term “move your camera, we can’t see” was one we used far too often, yet, the students still thrived and were able to experience aspects of careers they are interested in. The best part of all was students were still able to interact with one another and create those connections. To see the online chat blowing up like it did and have students helping students was amazing to see.   

We look forward to having the Bootcamps in person once again, but 2020/2021 will always be a year to remember and look back on and smile (not cry, hopefully).  

Is there a moment from a SIEC event that stands out to you? Please share on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter, and please tag 

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