SIEC Website Gets a Refresh

September 27, 2018

Time for a fresh new look with our website refresh!

To say the least, people in Saskatchewan have been rapidly adapting to changes over the last few months, and our team at the Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC) is no different.Speaking of changes, welcome to our redesigned website and our first blog! We hope that you will find these blog posts informative and that our new-look website is easy for you to navigate.

For those of you we haven’t met, the SIEC is a non-profit organization that provides career development opportunities for students in Saskatoon Public Schools, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, Prairie Spirit School Division, and Saskatoon Tribal Council schools. Although we work closely with partners in these divisions, some of our programming reaches students across Saskatchewan. Our partners include businesses and K-12 and post-secondary schools who help us provide exciting programming for the youth of our province.

The 40+ events that we host annually mostly involve face-to-face opportunities for students and educators, so the in-person aspect will be the most obvious change for us in 2020-2021.

Although we’ll miss seeing your faces in-person, our goal this year is to develop content focusing on eight different sectors, one per-month, starting in October. How are we going to do this? Well, we hope to take the best elements of our most popular programs and make them accessible on our website so that students, educators, and community members have access to the most interesting and relevant information about future career paths in Saskatchewan.

Spotlight on CareersFor example: in the past, our Spotlight on Culinary Arts would involve touring around Saskatoon to visit a local restaurant, meeting with a chef and business owner, learning about post-secondary programming, and gaining hands-on experience with a professional chef in a professional kitchen.

This year, content for a Spotlight event like this will be completely online: a skills demonstration video, an interview with a professional in the industry, a live online panel of experts in the industry and/or post-secondary, maybe even a behind the scenes look at a local professional kitchen. (Our apologies for those who will miss the bus rides!) This content will be available online for use in classrooms and remote learning, or simply for students and community members to click through to learn more about specific industries in our province.

Of course, we won’t stop there! NYEP and SaskCode programs are continuing their impactful work; our financial literacy program, Money Sense, is expanding; and we will find creative ways for students to access programs such as Skills Bootcamps, Connected, and the Cardboard Boat Race Challenge (just to name a few).

As for this blog? We hope you will stop by regularly to get to know the SIEC better and learn about career paths in Saskatchewan. Who knows? Maybe we will be approaching you to write a guest blog at some point! We’re excited for what this year is going to bring. There will be challenges along the way for all of us, but challenges will certainly lead to new opportunities and fresh perspectives.

Please keep up-to-date with the SIEC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as our YouTube channel! Thanks for being a part of this journey with the SIEC!

The Saskatoon Industry-Education Council (SIEC) is a bridge between Saskatchewan’s career opportunities and Saskatoon area youth.

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