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Program Summary

The Saskatoon Industry Education Council partnered with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission to develop our middle years Practical and Applied Arts Kits, Skill Sets. These kits aid in delivering Skilled Trades-related curriculum and provide teachers with the resources to deliver hands-on learning opportunities and career exploration activities for students. Each project identifies covered curricular outcomes and is broken down into lessons with step-by-step instructions, links to online resources, student learning activities, and assessment techniques. 

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Middle Years (Grades 7 – 8)


If you have questions regarding Skill Sets, please contact:

Bill Fahlman: [email protected] or 306.220.3750

Michelle Hardy: [email protected] or 306.683.7777

Teacher Resources

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Eco-Home Project

The Eco Home Project introduces students to the tools and skills required to be part of the Skilled Trades.  This project provides teachers with activities, tools, and materials for students to plan, design, and construct a house to spec that incorporates design, construction, electricity, and horticulture.

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Bicycle Repair Project

The Bicycle Repair & Headlight Construction Project introduces students to basic hand tools, bicycle maintenance, and electrical wiring through the assembly of a bicycle light. While exploring Skilled Trades-related careers, students will develop knowledge of bicycle mechanics, basic electronics, and themes of safety and sustainability.

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CO2 Racer Project

The CO2 Racer Project introduces students to drafting and computer-aided design, as well as carpentry and construction concepts through the creation of CO2 racers. Students convert a wedge-shaped piece of wood into a sleek race car using hand and power tools and insert CO2 cartridges into the cars to race down a track.

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Kitchen Basics Project

The Kitchen Basics Project introduces students to the essential kitchen equipment, measurement techniques, and skills required for food preparation. Through hands-on lab activities, students explore concepts of kitchen math and measurement, food and kitchen safety, as well as environmental sustainability.

2023 - 2024 kit booking

Kit Booking for the 2023 – 2024 School year will open on August 31, 2023. Teachers will book their kits directly through the SIEC via this website.

Lending Cycle Dates:

September 27 – October 25   |   November 8 – December 6   |   January 10 – February 7

February 28 – March 27   |   April 17 – May 15   |   May 22 – June 19

Teacher Feedback

Teachers, once you complete the Skill Sets Project, please provide feedback so we can make the necessary changes to improve our Teacher Resource Packages and Kits.


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