Twin Journeys: Arman and Arkan Khokhar’s Career Exploration with SIEC Programs

May 30, 2024

Arman and Arkan Khokhar, Grade 12 students at Mount Royal Collegiate, are on remarkable journeys of career exploration thanks to their participation in various programs offered by the Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC). Their stories highlight how structured programs can help shape the futures of young minds, providing clarity and confidence in their career choices. The SIEC wants to thank RBC Future Launch for sponsoring the Spotlight on Careers events. Thanks to the support of RBC, industry, and post-secondary partners, the SIEC can offer valuable experiential learning opportunities to secondary students like the Khokhar twins. 

Arman and Arkan, although twins have distinct passions and career aspirations. Arman is passionate about aviation and government services. He enjoys learning about airplanes, aviation technology, and the intricacies of governmental systems. For fun, he also engages in outdoor activities and spends quality time with friends and family. On the other hand, Arkan is interested in real estate and computer science. He enjoys studying real estate markets and dreams of becoming a successful realtor. Additionally, he has a keen interest in programming and is considering a career in computer science.


Originally from India, Arman and Arkan moved to Canada two years ago. Their cultural heritage is rich with traditions that emphasize education, hard work, and community involvement. These values have deeply influenced their approach to both personal and academic life, instilling a strong sense of purpose and direction.

Their journey with SIEC began with a recommendation from their school counsellor, who highlighted the programs as valuable resources for exploring various career paths. This led them to participate in several SIEC initiatives, including the Spotlight on Careers events featuring Emergency Services and Law Enforcement and the 3D Animation and GameOn! Skills Boot Camps. Both brothers also applied for the Saskatchewan Youth Internship Program, further broadening their horizons.

Through these programs, Arman and Arkan gained a comprehensive understanding of the diverse career options available in Saskatchewan. They learned about the educational pathways necessary for these careers and the specific skills and qualifications required to succeed. This exposure was crucial in helping them narrow down their interests and set realistic goals for their futures.


After high school, Arman plans to pursue a career in government services, with a particular interest in aviation or public administration. The insights and knowledge gained from the SIEC events have been instrumental in shaping this decision, providing him with clarity and confidence.

Arkan, on the other hand, has set his sights on a career in real estate. He dreams of becoming a successful realtor but is also considering a path in computer science to become a programmer. The SIEC programs played a crucial role in helping Arkan decide on these potential career paths, and he credits them for his newfound direction and ambition.

Reflecting on their career exploration journeys, Arman and Arkan express gratitude for the transformative experiences provided by the SIEC. The guidance and resources offered through the programs helped them overcome their initial confusion and solidified their decisions to pursue their respective careers. Their stories are powerful reminders of the impact that supportive educational programs can have on shaping the futures of young individuals.

The journeys of Arman and Arkan are inspiring examples of how dedicated programs like those offered by the SIEC can make a significant difference in students’ lives. By providing valuable insights and hands-on experiences, these programs help students like Arman and Arkan turn their passions into clear, actionable career goals. As they prepare to embark on their next chapters, they do so with a sense of purpose and direction, ready to make their marks in their chosen fields.

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