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Health Care
October 2021
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Manufacturing & Mining
November 2021
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December 2021
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Business & Finance
January 2022
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Public Services
February 2022
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March 2022
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Skilled Trades
April 2022
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Mental Health & Wellness
May 2022
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Program Summary

Spotlight on Careers is an opportunity for secondary students to explore potential future career paths. Participants in a Spotlight are exposed to post-secondary opportunities, hands-on experiences, and mentorship from professionals in a specific industry.

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Grade 10-12 students


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Intro to Spotlight on Careers

Traditionally, the SIEC would host approximately 20 one-day Spotlights in a year, each focused on a specific industry. In 2020-2021, Spotlight on Careers will focus on a different sector every month through a combination of prerecorded and live online experiences, and hands-on opportunities for classes. Teachers will be able to access videos and other resources connected to course outcomes, while students and parents can find interactive content to help discover career opportunities in Saskatchewan.