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Spotlight on Careers allows secondary students to explore potential future career paths. Participants in a Spotlight are exposed to post-secondary opportunities, hands-on experiences, and mentorship from professionals in a specific industry.

Students in grades 10 through 12 have the opportunity to gain hands-on skill development and career training while working alongside industry professionals. Recent boot camps include: automotive, culinary, web development, 3D printing, and video game design.

Skill Sets provide teachers with the resources and equipment to deliver hands-on Practical & Applied Arts learning opportunities and career exploration activities for middle-year students. 

Mind Over Matters supports school communities, teachers, and students by bringing awareness to mental health.  They are working toward decreasing stigma and promoting positive coping skills and strategies through curriculum development, speaker events, presentations, and professional development.

This mentorship event links young female students from grades 10 through 12 with female mentors from a vast spectrum of career backgrounds who are willing to share their career journey. Students pursuing all post-secondary pathways—work, university, college or apprenticeship—are welcome to participate.
SaskCode is an integrated technology program that introduces coding and computational thinking at a wide range of grade levels (K – 12) using age-appropriate technologies. Activities are linked to existing mathematics, science, and other curricula in Saskatchewan.

Sask Money is a one-stop shop for educators working to increase the financial literacy skills of their students. This program is built by teachers to provide resources and activities that connect directly to 42 modules in Saskatchewan’s Financial Literacy 20/30 curriculum.

employABILITY: skills for your future provides students with the opportunity to help themselves stand out to potential employers through various employment skill sessions. These include resume writing, job interview skills, and networking. The program also includes info and access to the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program (SYA).
In partnership with various workplace safety associations, the SIEC offers safety training certification to youth prior to entering the workplace. This includes construction, tourism, and healthcare sector safety training.
A yearly publication that showcases the career journeys of young people in the province of Saskatchewan. It also includes relevant career articles, post-secondary training opportunities, and a job chart that outlines careers and income prospects. 40,000 copies are distributed to provincial and band schools, post-secondary schools, community-based organizations, and employment offices across Saskatchewan.
A two-day conference for career practitioners, educators, school counsellors, and people in human resources to learn about labour market trends, acquire new career development tools and resources, and hear from world-renowned experts.

Resources to support youth, adults, educators, and career practitioners in the advancement of life and work transitions in Saskatchewan. It is a 360-degree view of career development! Find what you need. Be inspired. Share what you learn.

Grade 11 and 12 students experience six weeks of hands-on employment in the construction, manufacturing, automotive, and tourism sectors. These students are compensated for their labour and receive all relevant safety training and apprenticeship credit hours where applicable.

MANUQUEST is a full-day event, providing students with a tour of a manufacturing plant, career exploration opportunities, and a wide variety of hands-on activities relating to manufacturing.

Students in grades 10 – 12 explore careers in information technology through hands-on training, seminars, and workshops with the U of S Computer Science Department and international industry experts.

VR adventure program provides students the opportunity to explore, learn, and discover a variety of career options through the immersive power of virtual reality. This system not only gives students career information, but also the ability to see, hear, and experience the job without ever leaving the classroom. Choose from a variety of careers including the construction, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors.

Refugee and immigrant youth aged 17 to 21 participate in this program. The focus is on language development and life and work skills. The NYEP runs Monday to Friday and follows the school year calendar.

This highly popular project introduces grade 8 students to the concepts of Structure and Design, through an integrated unit encompassing learning outcomes from Math, Science, English Language Arts, Career Education, and PAA-Design Studies in a fun and meaningful way as students design, build, and then race cardboard boats.

Learn about solar power, battery storage, grids, and energy demand and conversion through hands-on experience with the Smartflower Microgrid (MG), a solar-powered microgrid shaped like a flower. Using custom-built software to track energy absorption, develop additional technical skills in computer science, electrical work and data science to explore new possibilities for career paths in green technology.

The DigIT program provides free computer basics sessions at a variety of locations designed to help you build skills and confidence for participating in today’s online world.

Learning these skills and understanding digital technologies not only reduces barriers to accessing valuable information and resources but also opens up opportunities for all Canadians to succeed.

In partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, students in grades 10 and 11 explore opportunities in the health care field through panel discussions and breakout sessions with vocational representatives from nursing, therapies, mental health and addictions, medical diagnostics, and medicine.
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