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Well, that sure was some year…

Well, that sure was some year…  The whole world was facing new challenges when we came back to work in August, so we had no idea how we would move […]

What the skilled trades have done for me

Thank you to Sydney Hamelin, JourneyPerson Cook for this blog. From a young age I’ve always enjoyed cooking, although it wasn’t until my later years in high school that I […]

What being a Firefighter is to me

Thank you, Shannon Robert with the Saskatoon Fire Department for providing this blog. When you close your eyes and imagine a firefighter, what do you see?  Most likely, a brawny […]

Passionate Consistency

Thank-you to a Grade 10 student from Bedford Road Collegiate for her contribution to SIEC Speaks wth this blog. How many times have you felt burdened by the extensive expectations […]

Supporting Students in Schools as a RAP Worker

Thank-you Teresa Michayluk – Walter Murray Collegiate, Megan Mitchel – Tommy Douglas Collegiate, Shauna Kennon – Mount Royal Collegiate, Brittney McFadden – Bedford Road Collegiate, RAP workers with Saskatoon Public […]

Saskcode Zooming Across Saskatchewan

Saskcode continues its mission… Partnering with passionate and adventurous educators we are pursuing our dream of spreading robots to every school, to every classroom, and every student across Saskatchewan.  It […]

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