Smart Flower

SmartFlower Project

Program Summary

Learn about solar power, battery storage, grids, and energy demand and conversion through hands-on experience with the Smartflower Microgrid (MG), a solar-powered microgrid shaped like a flower. Using custom-built software to track energy absorption, develop additional technical skills in computer science, electrical work and data science to explore new possibilities for career paths in green technology.

The Smartflower MG initiative is a partnership between Siemens Canada, the Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Industry Education Council to support sustainable technology and inclusive education.

The Smartflower MG Technology

The Smartflower MG is different from traditional solar panels because its flower-shaped petal structure rotates to follow the trajectory of the sun during the day, maximizing the amount of electricity absorbed. This provides a more robust and efficient way to capture and produce solar energy and offset energy costs and use.

The Smartflower MG installation includes a battery and controller attached to the microgrid where Siemens Canada’s integrated solution displays the status, functions and interplay between the Smartflower, battery storage and classroom it powers.

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If you have questions regarding the SmartFlower Project, please contact:

Janet Uchacz-Hart: [email protected] or 306.683.7774


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